The sun


Given that it’s winter in most parts of the country and cold not everyone is thinking about the sun. However there are still enough places that are warm and it is never to soon to think about summertime and what we should do to be prepared. The simple fact is with the ozone going the way it is the sun keeps getting stronger and we need to protect our skin better.

If you spend a lot of time out in the sun the first thing you need to think about is getting your skin checked out by a dermatologist like The Herschthal Practice to make sure that you do not have any issues already. After you have done that take some of the usual steps to guard yourself against overexposure like sunscreen and a nice big hat if you are gardening or going to be out in the sun for a long time.

I know personally when I was out on the trail horseback riding for long amounts of time in the sun I would often make sure to have long sleeve shirts on with my long pants. It can be hot and not always the most comfortable but it protects you against the sun and is the best way to do it especially if you won’t be able to reapply sunscreen at regular intervals.

Miami anniversary ideas


A wedding anniversary can be a great time to plan a little get away, especially if your anniversary comes after the holidays. I for one know that it can be nice to get away from the stress of the kids and the day to day grind and have a little bit of a romantic get together with your loved one. One great place for that these days is Miami. There are any number of great romantic places in Miami to stay and to visit while you’re there you can read my short list now and to learn more about places to stay by clicking the link.

Romeo’s Café is well known in Miami as a great place to go with a loved one and enjoy the atmosphere. It is small with only 28 seats and has no menu. Everything is custom created for you by the chef based on what you can eat and on his own intuition on what you will like. A little lavish, adventurous and a lot tasty.

Sticking with my thought of food (because you have to eat on a romantic getaway) Cioppino is another great choice when in Miami. It is expensive but worth it because you get the freshest ingredients around. There is also a secluded moonlit beach to take a walk on hand in hand.

Law Firms

No one likes to think about it but at some point everyone is going to need a law firm in their life. Whether it is for drawing up wills, personal injury, divorce or any number of things. You may be a small business owner (like myself) and need some contracts drawn up. While it can be tempting to do it yourself there are so many subtle things about the law that are always changing you really need a professional for these sorts of things. I can tell you from experience finding a law firm is not an easy take, there are some fantastic ones out there like Boyes And Farina but you have to look through them to find them.

I must have gone to 6 or 7 different law firms when I was looking for someone for my small business issues and contracts. I think something that anyone needs to keep in mind when going on the search like I did is that you should know what you need and be ready to ask questions. Any law firm that will not sit down and talk to you and answer your questions is not going to be the one for you. After all since the relationship has the potential to be long term and have you spending a lot of money you need to be on very solid and comfortable ground.

When it is time to make choices

My Dad and Mom are getting up there in age and while my Mom is settled in (they are divorced) it has been a harder time deciding what I can do with my Dad. While Dad is not unable to take care of himself it is just getting to be too much in a cold weather climate and mostly on his own. So before things got to a bad point I suggested we look at some warmer weather retirement communities for him. When he did not fully shoot down the idea I thought we were on good and solid ground.

We have looked at many places from California to Florida, so far his favorite has been Devonshire At PGA National because of not shocking the golf connection. I think while this has been one of the hardest things we have ever done together I am glad that we did it. Advice for anyone who is in a similar situation is that you should keep an open mind, try to find a community that has interests that your parents will love. Doing that is going to guarantee that you will be able to help them into a smooth and happy transition. At the end of the day happiness is the key to any big major move like this.

I love to Travel don’t you?

I don’t know about you readers but I love to travel, there is just something fantastic about seeing new places and people and adventures to be had. Whether you are going to New Zealand, Russia or visiting new places in the United States there are so many things to see. One place I have not been able to visit yet but I want to is the Highlands of North Carolina.

Aside from the area just being a fantastic and beautiful place the Highlands offer a wide variety of places to see , there really is something for everyone. If you like to adventure outdoors and see some of the natural wonders of the world there are the fantastic Dry falls that you can see or White side mountain offers a stunning view according to everyone who visits. There is the fantastic Highlands playhouse if you want a little bit of nightlife entertainment they put on musicals and have started showing movies. Want to look for an interactive activity you can do with the whole family, boys or girls the Jackson Hole Gem Mine offers a day of fun and you can go home with something pretty that was also educational. For golfers they say that you can find some of the best golfing in the United States in North Carolina including the stunning and challenging Cullasaja Club. No matter what you decide to do, just take a trip and have fun!

Michael Masterson a man of many things..

Michael Masterson is a well known author, entrepreneur, publisher, real estate investor, and filmmaker and art collector among other things. His real name is Mark M. Ford but he has long been known by his pen name Michael Masterson. His works include Ready, Fire Aim: Zero to 100 Million in no time flat and One hip book among others. I can honestly say in general I am always a little curious and hesitant to read books that talk about how to build wealth, I mean who wouldn’t be with all the ones out there that offer nothing overly fantastic to talk about.
However when I did some research on Mr. Masterson it is clear to see he really is an entrepreneur that has made his money not just on giving advice but in other venues. A man like that just might have something to teach so I gave some of his books a read and I am so pleased that I did because there is valuable knowledge in them. He lays his books out in a very easy to understand format and you can really sink your teeth into the information that they offer. Now I don’t think I am going to have a lot of money overnight (just not my kind of thinking) but I can see where to invest and ways to make my money grow.

What is home exchange?

Home exchange is something that has been growing in popularity in the last several years, and thanks to the upswing in popularity there are a lot of sites like the Christian Home Exchange blog that are out there to help those who are looking for the experience to swap homes. But that still leaves those who do not exactly know what a home exchange is wondering what the process entails.

The simple answer is two parties from different areas agree to swap homes for a set amount of time. In doing this housing swap it takes away the challenge of having to pay for accommodation in a new location and you are able to save money by cooking in a home instead of eating out all the time. Money is never to swap hands in a home exchange situation. Most exchanges work by doing a simultaneous exchange when both parties trade at a time that works for both of them. However there are other styles of exchange, for those who have a second or vacation home exchanges can be done non-simultaneously. Or there are hospitality exchanges in which the partners take turns welcoming one another into their home. There are also short term weekend getaway exchanges and long term sabbatical exchanges. As long as there is open communication among the parties it is almost guaranteed you will find a situation that works for everyone involved if you want to delve into this economical way to travel and stay places. Take the time to learn about the site you join if you sign up for a home swap site and take the time to get to know who you will swap with, otherwise jump in and have fun!

Personal Injury

Personal injury is something that can affect anyone at any time. You could simply be out doing errands and someone can rear end you or you can slip and fall in the store. The first thing that a lot of people think about when they sustain a personal injury is, “What kind of cost am I going to see from this?”. Well the nice folks over at Graves personal injury attorneys are very helpful in helping their clients find out just what costs are involved in personal injury.

The first obvious costs for any personal injury case are the immediate money you have to spend to be treated of course, and then the lawyer fees. If you are going to file a personal injury claim you really do need a lawyer who is skilled in the area, and should not try to represent yourself. The laws for personal injury cases and settlements change frequently and lawyers will be current on what everything entails and will be able to truly help you get the best settlement. Depending on the injury itself and what happened there can be a lot of continuing medical fees, replacement cost or repair costs on a car if that was involved. A professional will be able to look at your case and tell you what costs you will look at over the long term, and how best to recoup them.

Laptop Repair

Alright readers so if you are like me you probably work from a laptop to do your blogging, reviews, book reading and everything else. I know personally I could not survive if I did not have my laptop because I also do my full time work on it. So what do you do when something goes wrong? Making sure that you have a good way to get parts for your laptop repair that you can do yourself, or have someone do for you is the best thing you can do. It will also generally save you money if you can pay for parts, I know I always feel more secure knowing where turn for anything that comes up!

The Daily Rehash

It is summer time and while I know all of us love to read it is good to get out and see some movie’s once in a while too right? Of course. So whether your in the mood for a based on a book or a summer block buster the fellows over at The Daily ReHash have some great video stuff, and a lot of other goodies too. You can click the link to check things out and you can see a movie sample below.

Summer Movies Preview 2013 on Twitter | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

I know I am going to be following the Daily ReHash on Twitter because well that is what Social Networking is for right? Plus I like a bit of Celebrity news and Movie stuff as my lovely readers know.

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