Ever on the search

When you have musicians in the family and friends circle you tend to be always on the look out just like you hope they are looking out for your favorite books as a book reader. So on my never ending search I came across the m 88 microphone and thought I would give it a shout out. A good microphone can be hard to find and this one seems to be a good quality and a fair price as well.

Gift ideas

If you have a musician in your life and are wondering what to get them for valentines or another holiday you may want to check out the novation launchkey mini instrument for the your Ipad. It will open up some great creative places and maybe give the right hint to get the books that you are craving too. Never hurts to give a loved one what they might want so you get a thoughtful gift too.

Guitar Strings

Being someone who has several members of family and friends who play guitar I am always keeping my eyes peeled for items I can buy them for Christmas (which is coming up fast!) and other gift giving days. I have found personally one of the best things to give a guitar player is strings because that is something they are always going to need.

The trouble for those who do not know much about music can come when they are trying to decide what kind of strings to get. I have had good luck with getting 11 guage for most of my guitar playing family and friends but try to be a little snoopy if you have to in finding the right kind for them. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding out what kind of strings they use go for picks, guitar players also need picks all the time.

Looking for a new Ac unit?


It may seem hard to think about for most of the country right now being that it is freezing, but spring and then summer will be here soon. There are also some parts of the country like, Florida that are actually still warm so it is never too early to think about what you will do if your home air conditioning unit needs to be replaced. It was something that my family had to look into doing recently when our old one conked out, so I wanted to pass on 5 useful tips to keep in mind when picking your own unit. If these tips interest you and you want to read more just click the link.

BTUs: This is the The capacity of an air conditioner and is known as British Thermal Units per hour. You need to know in general what you need for BTU’s. The best way to find out what is ideal for your home is to multiply the square footage of the space and multiple by 10 then add 4,000.

Energy Star rating: The Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star ratings indicate that an appliance is at least 10 percent more energy-efficient than the minimum federal standards. These types of AC units will often also get you a rebate if your energy company is offering rebates for efficient appliances.

EER: A room air conditioners EER, or Energy-Efficiency Ratio, is the ratio of the cooling output divided by the unit’s power consumption. The higher the EER, the more efficient the model, this applies mostly to window units but since not everyone is looking into central air it is something to keep in mind.

Anti-Microbial filter: Most room air conditioners come with reusable electrostatic filters, which may be treated with triclosan. You may want to get an untreated version for health reasons if it is going to be your window unit. Filters should always be paid attention to no matter what kind of unit so ask your retailer or installer for information.
Price: Remember sometimes you get what you pay for but there is no reason you can’t shop for some bargains. Look to see who is offering rebates, money back or other perks and get the best you can for your budget.

Product Review: Excelerol Maximum Strength


Product information:

Excelerol is a new cutting edge nutraceutical dietary supplement. Excelerol supports memory, focus, concentration and alertness. The ingredients in excelerol are backed by extensive clinical and scientific research. Several of the ingredients in excelerol like citicoline and phosphatidylserine may be important chemical nutrients for the brain. 90 capsule supply.

Supports memory, focus, concentration and alertness.

Vitamin B 12,Niacin (as Niacinamide),Guarana Extract,Kola Nut Extract,DMAE,Acetyl L-Carnitine Bacoppa Monnieri Extract,Peppermint Oil,Tulsi (Holy Basil) Extract,Green Tea Extract,Gingko Biloba Extract,Rhodiola Extract,Phosphatidylserine,L-Tyrosine,White Tea Extract,Black Tea Extract,Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine,Citicoline,Huperzine Extract, and Vinpocetine .

Take 1-3 capsules a day or as recommended by a health professional.

My Review:

I am always working my brain to the end of my wits, seriously. Between writing for 12 or more hours a day most days and then reading and just regular life stuff and plain old not getting enough sleep my brain hits high levels of “SERIOUSLY?” with me. So when I got the chance to try this product out in trade for my honest feedback, I jumped at it anything to help.

So when I got my product I read the instructions and started out with just one capsule to see how it would go. I felt a little more focused that first day and no bad side effects so the next few days I took two pills and now I am up to three.

Now I am not a medical professional so I can only go on what I feel overall when I take it. First since the first day I have noticed no side effects, no jitters, no headache later, nothing that I have felt when I take some other medications. Second I really do feel more focused and clear when I take the product and I am able to get a lot more done without feeling brain fatigued.

I often have times of what I call “squirrel” brain where I jump around from project to project and I am not able to stay focused on any one of them. When I take the Excelerol though I do feel focused and am able to stay with one project until the end. It is really helpful in getting my writing work done.

If you want to try a brain supplement I would recommend this one as a good one to try and stick with. You can check out more information yourself at the website here. You can also view and buy on Amazon here and here.


Giveaway: Svetol


With 2014 coming right around the corner and with weight loss goals one of the number one on most list for New Years resolutions why not start in advance. Svetol is having a giveaway right now on Facebook and it is a really great deal. If you do not know what Svetol is here is a brief bit of information:


Leveraging the research and experience of Naturex, Svetol® harnesses the benefits of coffee, in a plant concentrate, and provides proven effectiveness for Slimming and Beauty.

Svetol® is a natural plant extract of decaffeinated green coffee rich in active components.

Obtained from unroasted coffee beans of the Robusta variety (Coffea canephora robusta Pierre), Svetol® possesses a unique composition whose effectiveness has been clinically proven.

Svetol®’s specific composition has been studied in detail. Study results demonstrate the presence of accrued Chlorogenic acids.



Everyone likes to win free stuff and winning a year of help with your fitness and weight loss goals is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. Head on over for easy daily entries in the sweepstakes there are some smaller prizes from the Free year sweepstakes as well, invest in yourself this year!

Svetol Sweepstakes



Sustainable housing

Housing and especially sustainable housing are a big interest to me and many others around the world. There is something completely remarkable about the different techniques they are learning these days when it comes to making things visually stunning while keeping them as green as possible. So what do you do when you want some ideas on what you can do if you’re building a new house? What the trends are and all the other important things dealing with architecture? Well if you’re like me (and I know my loyal readers are) you turn to books.

The Sustainable Asian House: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines by Paul McGillick is a full celebration of everything that sustainable housing is. You will get ideas a plenty in this book by looking through the pages of this book and enjoying the new version of the regions tropical architecture. You will find 27 houses in the book and comprehensive photos of all of them. I can honestly say the way that they are utilizing space in these new buildings is rather amazing. The space is so open and inviting that anyone that walks into one of these homes is likely to feel just at home.

The sustainable Asian house is proving what I have said for years personally. Green does not mean it has to look like a bunch of plain off colored items that have no design behind them. Technology has evolved even in the way houses are built so that we can make beautiful sleek homes that look modern and inviting and are environmentally friendly. I for one hope that the beautiful designs we are seeing come across in the sustainable housing market start to trickle down into other areas as well. I would love to see more sustainable choices in clothing, everyday items and of course vehicles.

Summer camp activities

Victory's waterfront with the new Blob!

When I was a kid I was lucky enough to go to summer camp every summer. From the time I was 6 or so I started at a camp that was close to home and then branched out to a camp that was several hours away. I even continued to go to that camp as an adult first as a counselor and then as the head wrangler. I loved every minute and there are times that I miss it.

Looking at summer camps again in a nostalgic and perhaps planning mood I noticed just how many activity choices kids have as camps now that I didn’t have. Not to say my summer camp was not fun (it was) but wow there are some fantastic choices these days at great summer camps. I think the one I am singularly most jealous of is the water activities. At my camp we went down the lake and went swimming or out in a canoe that was it. One look at things now and kids have fancy toys and games for water play or they have two man kayaking teams that can go out and adventure. Of course one could argue that a two man kayak isn’t a whole lot different than a canoe, but still looks like fun to me. If you want to check out some of the great new activities kids have at summer camp you can learn more here.

That old time Rock ‘n Roll


Have you ever been going about your day with the radio on and Pandora playing in the background and then you suddenly hear a song and you are taken back in your memory like one of those montages in movies? I know I have several times. I think if you connect with music it is just one of those things that is going to happen to you often. Almost like a soundtrack to life.

I used to listen to music a lot with my Great Grandma and my Dad too so I have a wide range of oldies or older music that I really enjoy that gives me some great memories but I cannot always find it easily on iTunes because they tend to carry the current music and even in the search you can’t always find the oldies music, I found http://www.ioldies.com/ though and they have all those songs that I remember listening to at my fingertips.

There is one song that I cannot help but smile when I hear and get taken back to the first moment when I got caught listening to it when I was younger. Queens Fat Bottom Girls, I know that seems like a typical song but when you are a teen and telling your parent you DON’T like any of his music. Only to get caught dancing around to that song, yeah it is a moment you remember forever.



It is never too early to start thinking about improving your summer activities game, especially if you play tennis. I know when looking at the possibility of taking a vacation to a warmer climate I thought about activities my family could do while there which would benefit us when we got home.

Tennis is a game that I have taken interest in as an adult so I never learned a whole lot about it when I was younger. I will never claim to be a world class player but I firmly believe you can learn things as an adult and build them up to make yourself at least pass-able at them, I think Tennis is one of them.  So what is the best way to improve your game? Well I think it is working with a Tennis professional like the ones you can find at Boca Pointe Tennis Pros. Just like in dancing or race car driving professionals are professionals for a reason, they know what they are doing and they are the best at what they do so why wouldn’t you want to learn from them?

Personally I think a professional can also be more patient and more likely to point out the flaws in your game (kindly but firmly) to make you improve. If you do not know what you are doing wrong there is no way you can ever correct it and therefore improve.


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