Sustainable housing

Housing and especially sustainable housing are a big interest to me and many others around the world. There is something completely remarkable about the different techniques they are learning these days when it comes to making things visually stunning while keeping them as green as possible. So what do you do when you want some ideas on what you can do if you’re building a new house? What the trends are and all the other important things dealing with architecture? Well if you’re like me (and I know my loyal readers are) you turn to books.

The Sustainable Asian House: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines by Paul McGillick is a full celebration of everything that sustainable housing is. You will get ideas a plenty in this book by looking through the pages of this book and enjoying the new version of the regions tropical architecture. You will find 27 houses in the book and comprehensive photos of all of them. I can honestly say the way that they are utilizing space in these new buildings is rather amazing. The space is so open and inviting that anyone that walks into one of these homes is likely to feel just at home.

The sustainable Asian house is proving what I have said for years personally. Green does not mean it has to look like a bunch of plain off colored items that have no design behind them. Technology has evolved even in the way houses are built so that we can make beautiful sleek homes that look modern and inviting and are environmentally friendly. I for one hope that the beautiful designs we are seeing come across in the sustainable housing market start to trickle down into other areas as well. I would love to see more sustainable choices in clothing, everyday items and of course vehicles.

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