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Most years I get into other reading challenges for my book reading. I simply can’t stay away from them, especially when they involve historical books.  I mean come on? You know this girl love a great historical and I LOVE challenges so much! However, the last few years the challenges have been more stressful then fun for me. I have a lot going on in other parts of my life and am not able to read as much as I used to. So for 2019 I decided to take a year off from every challenge besides the Goodreads challenge. A little break to myself. Don’t work though, I will be back doing challenges with a vengeance hopefully for 2020. I am sure once I catch up on my reviews and life settles in a bit better, I am going to be able to read more. Trust me, I miss it!

Just because I am not taking part in other challenges however, does not mean I am not doing reviews. The reviews here are a little behind I will admit, but I also do reviews as a professional for Readers Favorite and I love doing a good Netgalley reviews as well. If you are an author who is looking for a review check out the review page and feel free to reach out if you have any questions for me.

You can see the progress on the Goodreads challenge….right on the sidebar! I hope to see my other challenges soon.

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