That old time Rock ‘n Roll


Have you ever been going about your day with the radio on and Pandora playing in the background and then you suddenly hear a song and you are taken back in your memory like one of those montages in movies? I know I have several times. I think if you connect with music it is just one of those things that is going to happen to you often. Almost like a soundtrack to life.

I used to listen to music a lot with my Great Grandma and my Dad too so I have a wide range of oldies or older music that I really enjoy that gives me some great memories but I cannot always find it easily on iTunes because they tend to carry the current music and even in the search you can’t always find the oldies music, I found though and they have all those songs that I remember listening to at my fingertips.

There is one song that I cannot help but smile when I hear and get taken back to the first moment when I got caught listening to it when I was younger. Queens Fat Bottom Girls, I know that seems like a typical song but when you are a teen and telling your parent you DON’T like any of his music. Only to get caught dancing around to that song, yeah it is a moment you remember forever.

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