What is home exchange?

Home exchange is something that has been growing in popularity in the last several years, and thanks to the upswing in popularity there are a lot of sites like the Christian Home Exchange blog that are out there to help those who are looking for the experience to swap homes. But that still leaves those who do not exactly know what a home exchange is wondering what the process entails.

The simple answer is two parties from different areas agree to swap homes for a set amount of time. In doing this housing swap it takes away the challenge of having to pay for accommodation in a new location and you are able to save money by cooking in a home instead of eating out all the time. Money is never to swap hands in a home exchange situation. Most exchanges work by doing a simultaneous exchange when both parties trade at a time that works for both of them. However there are other styles of exchange, for those who have a second or vacation home exchanges can be done non-simultaneously. Or there are hospitality exchanges in which the partners take turns welcoming one another into their home. There are also short term weekend getaway exchanges and long term sabbatical exchanges. As long as there is open communication among the parties it is almost guaranteed you will find a situation that works for everyone involved if you want to delve into this economical way to travel and stay places. Take the time to learn about the site you join if you sign up for a home swap site and take the time to get to know who you will swap with, otherwise jump in and have fun!

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