Miami anniversary ideas


A wedding anniversary can be a great time to plan a little get away, especially if your anniversary comes after the holidays. I for one know that it can be nice to get away from the stress of the kids and the day to day grind and have a little bit of a romantic get together with your loved one. One great place for that these days is Miami. There are any number of great romantic places in Miami to stay and to visit while you’re there you can read my short list now and to learn more about places to stay by clicking the link.

Romeo’s Café is well known in Miami as a great place to go with a loved one and enjoy the atmosphere. It is small with only 28 seats and has no menu. Everything is custom created for you by the chef based on what you can eat and on his own intuition on what you will like. A little lavish, adventurous and a lot tasty.

Sticking with my thought of food (because you have to eat on a romantic getaway) Cioppino is another great choice when in Miami. It is expensive but worth it because you get the freshest ingredients around. There is also a secluded moonlit beach to take a walk on hand in hand.

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