Sunday Salon 12/15/13

Another week and we are another week closer to the Holiday Season. I am not as bah humbug this year about it as I have been in years past. The downside right now is due to work and everything else I have actually not finished the book I started on Dec 5th. Part of that is because I am busy with writing work, very busy in fact. The other problem is when I do have some time I have just felt kinda “meh” about reading. It is not the books fault I want to read Lightborn a lot. I am just on a meh feeling with reading right now, I think it will pass or at least I hope it will pass soon I have a few more books I want to get in before the New Year rolls over.

Speaking of the New Year I am starting to think about what challenges to do again in the coming year. I think that I will be doing the History and TBR challenges again for sure because History is a favorite and the TBR helped me to make a dent in the massive pile of books I have that need to be read. Of course I added some more but hey that is what happens when you are a reader right?

I always start to feel a little reflective this time of year but I am excited for a fresh year and I like to think that 2014 is going to be a great year. Maybe even the best in several years. 2013 was not a terrible year but it was not what I would call a banner year either. Maybe a banner year in reading though as I have read the most books I have ever read in a year (so far) and I started my overall goal this year pretty small. I had to up my book challenge twice and even then I beat it. So in that I feel accomplished and content. Anyone else already looking ahead to January and what reading challenges they will do in the coming year?

In some other brief slightly self promotional news my Sissy Anah opened a new blog Feels Like Home and after thinking and looking things over and debating on an overall theme she asked me to join her as a Co-blogger. So far I have to say I am having fun coming up with post ideas. I look forward to growing that blog with her.


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