Michael Masterson a man of many things..

Michael Masterson is a well known author, entrepreneur, publisher, real estate investor, and filmmaker and art collector among other things. His real name is Mark M. Ford but he has long been known by his pen name Michael Masterson. His works include Ready, Fire Aim: Zero to 100 Million in no time flat and One hip book among others. I can honestly say in general I am always a little curious and hesitant to read books that talk about how to build wealth, I mean who wouldn’t be with all the ones out there that offer nothing overly fantastic to talk about.
However when I did some research on Mr. Masterson it is clear to see he really is an entrepreneur that has made his money not just on giving advice but in other venues. A man like that just might have something to teach so I gave some of his books a read and I am so pleased that I did because there is valuable knowledge in them. He lays his books out in a very easy to understand format and you can really sink your teeth into the information that they offer. Now I don’t think I am going to have a lot of money overnight (just not my kind of thinking) but I can see where to invest and ways to make my money grow.

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