When it is time to make choices

My Dad and Mom are getting up there in age and while my Mom is settled in (they are divorced) it has been a harder time deciding what I can do with my Dad. While Dad is not unable to take care of himself it is just getting to be too much in a cold weather climate and mostly on his own. So before things got to a bad point I suggested we look at some warmer weather retirement communities for him. When he did not fully shoot down the idea I thought we were on good and solid ground.

We have looked at many places from California to Florida, so far his favorite has been Devonshire At PGA National because of not shocking the golf connection. I think while this has been one of the hardest things we have ever done together I am glad that we did it. Advice for anyone who is in a similar situation is that you should keep an open mind, try to find a community that has interests that your parents will love. Doing that is going to guarantee that you will be able to help them into a smooth and happy transition. At the end of the day happiness is the key to any big major move like this.

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