Book Review: Young Black Stallion, 4 – Wild Spirit by Steven Farley

It’s shaping up to be the best Christmas ever for Danielle. With both her dad and her horse, Redman, home for the holidays, the farm couldn’t be busier. But Raven, the spirited colt with whom Danielle has been working, doesn’t want to share her attention. Danielle knows she has a duty to the colt and to Alec Ramsay, his owner, but she can’t help feeling loyal to Redman as well. If Raven is to be manageable as a racehorse someday, he must learn to share territory with other horses–but can he?

The book was good and I think it will be great for younger hores lovers. It has alot of horse talk so you need to really know horses to understand the book. It is a step up from the other 3 books and perhaps in this book the writer has gotten his stride a little bit. I am still leery but as always will keep reading, it shows promise and improvement.

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