The Move

The Move is taking place soon..infact it wil be happening 8am is when Steve is planning on getting up and getting packed and gone. So I do not know when I will be posting next. We have to get there, get our things into storage and get internet and cable hooked up. I am excited and nervous all in the same breath. I have never moved this far from home, I have always lived in Minnesota in one city or another. Alas life needs changes sometimes, and hubby has been away from his home to long. He needs to be with his kids more and this will enable that. There is also my health, so the move is needed. Things happened much faster and not perhaps in the best way, but it needed to happen. So I will be in hoosierville likely by this time tommrow. Alasa I will ALWAYS be a Minnesota Wild Girl. I will be back to posting as soon as I can.

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