Book Review: I, Jane (In The Court of Henry VIII #4) by Diane Haeger

I,JaneThough her path to the throne was long and paved with treachery. Jane Seymour would win the heart of her king—and heal her own. Jane Seymour of Wiltshire is not meant to go to Court. Not a child like her, with her lack of beauty and no title. But family connections are enough to have her named to the bridal retinue of Mary Tudor. At the French Court, the plain and docile Jane meets the girl who will grow into her rival in years to come. The already charismatic and conniving Anne Boleyn.

Would she get to stay in the countryside she craved?

Soon back home in the English countryside, Jane wants nothing more than peace and quiet. And the devotion of her childhood protector, William Dormer. But his family vows to keep them apart And Jane is called back to Court to serve Katherine of Aragon, who is fighting for her life as Queen in the face of Anne Boleyn’s open seduction of King Henry VIII.

In those turbulent years, Jane will learn the value of loyalty and honesty, while holding fast to her convictions. And it is her unblemished soul that will slowly rise above the chaos—and turn a king’s head.

Diane Haeger is an Author I do really look forward to reading and I have enjoyed the first three books in this series. So I was very much looking forward to reading this installment of the King Henry VIII series. To me Jane is one of the more tragic figures in the ranks of the wives of Henry VIII, and one we really don’t get to know much because she married him, gave him a son and died. Sadly, this book just for me fell flat.

It just didn’t have the same feeling of being more then just a historical romance to me then the other installments. I tried to like it, because I wanted to. I even tried to read it more then once to see if it was my mood. It wasn’t. The book was just not up to the same snuff as the other books were. Personally, something about the way Jane is written grated on my nerves.

But Why?

I think it is because of just how cunning they make Jane in this telling. And while I am sure she was not as innocent as some think to turn the head of a King, I don’t know if she was as much of a viper as this book makes her out to be. I was not a big fan of the sweeping liberties taken of her life before court either. I am sure others wouldn’t mind as much because so little is known about her earlier life. For me however, it just was to much.

I will keep on reading the series and other works by this author, but this one was just not a solid win for me.


My Gemstone Rating:


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