The Sunday Salon #16

The Sunday

It is Sunday again it is hard to believe how fast 2010 is going, I think I still write 2009 on two letters I wrote this week oppsy. Oh well I will get used to it eventually. Yesterday was a bad sleep day and I ended up not getting to sleep until around 4pm or so, and than waking up pretty late. Which was alright to do anyways because my hubby was working all morning he came home for a short period of time and than he had a concert so he was off doing that?

I have had a decent week, sick wise it was a little bad because I was not feeling well. But emotional wise I managed to keep me up. I finished a short story for my Marked Ambrosia site and that turned out pretty well. Not my best work but certainly not my worst.

I also completed 5 letters to Pen Pals 4 were replies and 1 one as an introduction letter with me starting first. I am going to find some more pen pals to write to as I found the letter writing very therapeutic. I just felt good to be writing letters again and than when I got to use my sealing wax that helped as well. Very much.

Presently I am watching Transamerica it is a very interesting movie. It is about the journey that a Transgender person takes on their way to get their gender reassignment surgery. Along the way Sabrina finds out that she has a Son. Its interesting to be sure.

Happy Sunday.

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