Musing Monday #36

I have to say, I got a giggle today I misplaced my link for Musing Monday and when I googled it my Blog came up in the 3rd spot for Musing Monday’s. I know it is not a major thing but it made me do a happy smile dance. And I am now using the new button that won the poll on the site. Now onto my Muse..

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about tidy reading around people.

When is it inappropriate to read in front of others? Is it ever appropriate?

This is an interesting one. I have no issue reading in public. When I took the bus, I read while waiting for it. Could not read on the bus because I got motion sick, but I would if I could have. I read while waiting for someone to pick me up or when I drove more of course while waiting for others. I will read when camping out with friends, I will read just about anytime.

There are exceptions of course. Like when camping if everyone else is talking, I join in the conversation it is only when everyone is either settling in for sleep, or doing their own reading that I will take out my book and read. If I have house company I wont read unless they are reading as well. Because I find it just a little rude. Therefore, I think its fine to read in front of others you should just use your ettiquete judgment.

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