Sunday Salon 6/11/17

I feel like I am always using Sunday Salon for something negative but it has been a tough year all around. Earlier this week another furry member of my family passed away very suddenly. Freya was a darling sweet cat who literally minutes before the event happened was being her usual self. Playing and cleaning all the usual things. It was a sudden cardiac event that took her from us and absolutely nothing at all could have been done according to the vet. That of course does not make it any easier to handle emotionally.

Heap onto that a literal load of Drama from a friend that really doesn’t need to be happening and I have pretty much had a certain Lilly Allen song going on in my mind for days now. Sorry for the negative and not book related. On the book end of things I finished my re-read of The Handmaids tale which was spurned by the Hulu adaptation playing and while I still like the show better I didn’t hate the book as much as I did the first time I read it.

A rare case of the book giving me more clarity on the book has occurred! This is not usual for me and I almost always like the books better then the movies or TV shows. So count me surprised on this one lol. I probably wont go back and read the book for a third time but stranger things have happened lol. I will be making a new review of it since I have changed my mind on many things, so there is a positive thing.

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