Sunday Salon 12/22/13

I am sorry in advance if this weeks Sunday Salon is a bit rantish and worse not very book related, alas my Darling Husband brought home the plague and I am feeling pretty sick. Not only that the man which I love very much has turned into the dreaded man baby. I can not for the life of me understand how many turn into such babies when they are sick. He is presently acting like the most helpless thing on the planet, who at some moments of the day can not even summon the strength to open his mouth and talk to me. He also has not been able to summon the strength to get up and walk the 2 feet to the door to let the dogs out to go to the bathroom thus they can only hold it so long before making a mess on the floor. I get up and walk the much longer distance from bedroom to door and let them out, but if I am (god forbid) napping they don’t wake me. Then guess who has to clean the messes? Yup yours truly. I have also had to do all the feeding, watering, ect. I understand that DH is sick but I am no less sick, I have a wicked fever a cough that has me doing nothing but hacking up a lung regularly but I am still doing what needs to be done.  The one and only time he attempted to clean up a mess he allowed the dogs to mess he sat on the floor and was moving the rag so pathetic and not effectual at all I told him to put his kiester back in bed. I mean seriously. I repeat I love the man  beyond measure but hes being such an infant right now I want to hand him a bottle and a diaper.

On the bright (and bookish) side I have read three books since the plague set in. I am about to start on the fourth. Sadly I did not much enjoy the last two they weren’t terrible but not fantastic and I can’t decide if its because I am sick or if they just weren’t that good. Ah well it is kind of nice to have my challenges for the year done but be making the final push to get as many books as I can in for the year.

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