Book Review: Shadowborn (Darkborn #3) by Alison Sinclair

From the author of Lightborn, the third book in a Regency- flavored fantasy series of magic and manners.

Magic dies with the mage, or so the Darkborn believe. That’s why Lady Telmaine Hearne has been condemned to death for sorcery. She’s escaped but is now bound with her mageborn allies for the Borders and war. Meanwhile, her husband, Balthasar, has learned of his family connection to the Shadowborn-and is fighting for survival and sanity as magic turns him against everything he holds dear.

I really hoped that the third book would remind me why I fell in love with the Darkborn series sadly it did not. Once again while it was not a terrible book it just was not that great and it could have been. In the end this series ended up being to convoluted and not able to sustain itself without coming off as just muddled. The characters that seemed so key in the first two books were nearly missing in this one as well, which left me confused and slightly upset as well.

So while this is not the worst series I have ever read it is certainly not the best. Some of the questions I wanted answered did get answered others did not. A lot of this one dragged as well, which it shouldn’t have felt like it did because there was action. In the end this one jut leaves me feeling luke warm.

My Gemstone Rating:


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