Prepaid Visa

In today’s economy constantly charging small items is just not a smart idea. I can’t count how many times I have been out and about and heard or seen people using credit card for small items. Like a small lunch, or one book. With interest rates how they are, how does that make sense? To me it really doesn’t. Now I know most banks offer cards that way as well, so it’s always a choice.

But my personal preference is a prepaid Visa Debit card. I personally am not a big fan of banks right now. That may sound a little bit conspiracy sounding but I just cant bring myself to trust institutions that need Billions of dollars of tax payer money and than still abuse that money. So I myself do use prepaid cards, they work just like a checking account only a bit better. You can check your statements online automatically. You also get free direct deposit, and a lot of other fantastic perks.

The Vision prepaid has zero monthly fees, and some other fantastic perks. Including free bill pay. I don’t know about you but the bank I was at charged people for online bill pay and that irritated the heck out of me. So I am happy with any company that offers it free for me. My electric, phone, and such are all paid through bill pay. So if you’re looking for something to make it bits easier check it out.

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3 thoughts on “Prepaid Visa

  1. I use a credit card for everything and then pay it off at the end of each month – I get a lot more for my money that way because I have a card with super awesome rewards, and I don’t end up paying any interest.

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