New Meme: Wicked Wednesday # 1

I decided since I do so many weekly Meme’s I would start one of my own. It is going to be somewhat Similar to Friday Finds, but really who wants to recommend books just one time a week. So we have Wicked Wednesday.

Fire & Ice Hosts:

Wicked Wednesday a place to be wicked to other book readers and make them get those TBR piles growing. The concept is simple. Pick a book or two and tell s about them. If its one you read tell us what you liked. If its one you found tell us about that to. Than leave a comment to let us know where to find your Wicked Wednesday titles. Make sure to link back in your posts for other people to follow Wicked Wednesday.

And my pick for the very First Wicked Wens IS…

Hearts and Bones by Margaret Lawrence. It is on my April book List to read and promises to be good. Its a 1777 murder mystery! So I get my fav history and some mistery as well. So tell me what did you find?

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