January Challenge Update

So far so good for January and I am more than on track with my challenges. It is always a nice feeling to feel like your ahead of the 8 ball. At the time of posting I am at 8 books for the year and that puts me 4 books ahead of schedule. I have started reading another longer one as well by Anne Easter Smith.

So while we see where I am at for the over all challenge where does that leave me for the genre ones? Here we go..

I have read 5 of 25 for the Historical Fiction Challenge:

1. The Forgotten Queen by D.L Bogdan
2. A Rose for the Crown by Anne Easter Smith
3. Mistress for the Crown by Isolde Martyn
4.The Season by Sarah MacLean
5. The Notorious Lady Anne by Sharon Cullen

I have touched on 1 of 8 for my Immortal challenge making that 1 in the Angels & Demons category. I do have a vampire read coming up on my “schedule” to put another mark in that category.

1.Covet by J.R. Ward

I have read one book towards 6 for my Animal Challenge of the year. I tend to get in an animal mood more in Spring, not sure why that is.

1.Noor by Milton C. Toby

For the ebook challenge I am proud of myself and am doing well. I have read 4 out of 10 for that one!

1. The Forgotten Queen by D.L Bogdan
2. Front page Fatality by Lyndee Walker
3.Mistress for the Crown by Isolde Martyn
4.The Notorious Lady Anne by Sharon Cullen

And my TBR pile challenge has been a little bit light because I have been enjoying some library reads or the lovely pre release books I have been getting. But I still made a dent and read 2 out of 20.

1. Covet by J.R. Ward
2. The Season by Sarah MacLean

So there we have it there is the update. Not bad for one month of reading. Lets hope I can keep up the nice pace for the year! Not only that but keep on enjoying the books as I have been.

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