The Sunday Salon 2/3/13

It is Sunday again and guess what Sunday it is this week? Oh yeah Superbowl Sunday in the States. Guess who doesn’t care? If you guessed me you would have guessed right. So instead of Superbowl thoughts today I am going to post something much more fun. Aside from book musings because that is a given that it will be posted right?

My favorite sport:

Anyone who says dancing is not a sport has never danced for more than a party time. It is for sure a sport and there are for sure real injuries that happen often.

and this is a fun sport…well okay not really but I declare it one today. Skarsgard watching.

Okay so there is the not book related stuff. I was really surprised to see how ahead of the game I am on my reading goal so far this year with how busy I have been but I guess when you do not sleep very well you manage to get in more reading then you thought. I have enjoyed most of my reads so far and I am working on Daughter of York by Anne Easter Smith. I have not had a chance to sit down and read for very long so I am not even 100 pages in yet. I am enjoying it although I don’t think I will like it as much as I liked the others. That could change however so we will see.

I had to laugh some this week as well when someone on Amazon started a conversation on one of my reviews. I rated Fatality on the Front page 3 gems and so on Amazon 3 stars. It was not that I did not like the book I did, but there were some flaws and to me 3 is not a terrible score. Apparently to this person it was and they said my rating should have been a 5! So when did it become up to someone else what I should rate a book? I mean really your score system is not the same as mine and you are not me. I decided not to reply to the amazon convo because there really is no point and now that I have vented it here I am resolved not to think about it anymore.

Here comes another new week!

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One thought on “The Sunday Salon 2/3/13

  1. Recently I rated a book 3.5 / 5 stars and then felt really bad & that maybe I’d been too harsh because the only 3 other reviews I read of it rated it 5 stars. I need to remember your point that “really your score system is not the same as mine and you are not me”. Good advice, thanks for sharing.

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