Fantastic Jar’s

I am a candle maker, and because of that I am always looking for places to get reasonably priced jars. Well today low and behold I found a Fantastic Sponsor who is a wholesale jar source you can get bulk glass jars and candles for a very reasonable price.

Now granted I do not need the candles part as I am a candle maker, but the jars are beautiful. And not only are they beautiful but unique and reasonable. They have every size jar you could be looking for. Personally I enjoy the look of the designer collection that they offer.

If you are just getting into candle making you may want to look at some of the other fantastic things they have to offer on the website, they have some very nice waxes, I recommend making candles in soy. They also have some wicks that appear to be of a very good burn quality. So no matter what you’re looking for I would recommend giving these guys a look.

If you order smaller orders (non pallet) you will get your items via UPS ground which can be reasonable. There is a handling charge, but really for as nice as they package these jars (low damage claims) it’s worth the little bit extra. So go on over and check them out. My favorite Jar the Roman Jar is a nice large jar and starts at just 1.74 you can’t beat that.

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