Book Review: Man ‘O War by Walter Farley

A fictionalized biography of the American race horse who won twenty of twenty-one races, told by a stable boy who grew up with the great horse.

If you love horses, horseracing and Man o’ War, I highly recomend this book! Even if you don’t have an interest in horses, you would still love this book! It’s about Man o’ War from the night he was foaled, to the tragic day he died… It gives you full details of his races, winning an astonishing 20 of his 21 starts..The race he lost, I think was unfair! (Read to find out!!) It tells alittle about some winners he sired..I learned a lot about this amazing Champion from reading this book…There is soOo much more I can say about this book..but I want you to read to find out!! ENJOY IT!! I KNOW YOU WILL!!*

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