Book Review: Lucinda, Darkly (Demon Princess Chronicles #1) by Sunny

For centuries, Lucinda has endured her agonizing reality. As daughter of the High Lord of Hell,she rules over nothing, retrieving the occasional wayward demon and feeding off of the savage Mon�re-of whom she was a member before she died.

Then she encounters the Monre warrior Stefan, who offers himself to her. She is moved beyond measure by her desire for him-and soon finds herself drawn back into the heady eroticism of the Monre. There, she must carve out a home between the jealousy of the dead and the violence of the living, if she is to keep her newfound love-and life..

This book was disappointing. Sunny’s world is derivative to begin with, reading like cross-over fanfiction between Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry and Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels, with some original concepts and quasi-original characters. The Mona Lisa books were at least an entertaining read, if I didn’t think too much about the ethical quandry behind lifting so much of other authors’ work (which she all but admits to in one of her acknowledgments) … this one, frankly, bored me. I couldn’t care about Lucinda, and her “males” were uninteresting at best. I’m not sure why I finished it.

It’s not the worst book I ever read, but there are many others on my TBR that I would’ve read first had I known it wouldn’t hold my interest.

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