Book Review: Finding Laura Buggs by Stanley Gordon West

In this companion novel to Until They Bring The Streetcars Back, Stanley West transports the reader to 1949 Minneapolis/St. Paul– those memorable days of corner grocery stores, big band music, and filling stations that check the oil and wash the windshield. Against this nostalgic backdrop, West has set his riveting and heartwarming novel, the devastating story of young Sandy Meyer. Bright and outgoing, having grown up through the Great Depression and the World War II years, she is suddenly given a perplexing clue to her past that sets her on an incredible and harrowing journey in search of her lost family– a pilgrimage that brings her face to face with nerve-shattering suspense, unbearable terror, and the magnificent capacity of the human heart.

Surrounded by juicy and wacky characters, and without the support of her adoptive parents, her devil-may-care friends, or the boy she desperately loves, she summons the courage to doggedly follow where the faint trail leads. When she stumbles upon the buried past and long-hidden treachery, she is confronted by an evil that knows her by name and is drawn into a darkness she never knew existed. Tenaciously refusing to quit, she discovers a heartbreaking heroism and an extraordinary triumph that changes her life forever.


As a Minnesota girl I was happy to get ahold of an author who wrote local. I loved the first novel I read by this author. However Finding Laura Buggs I found disappointing. I just could not warm to the book. I am not sure why the prose was good and the story idea itself was sound. However I struggled with the book. Perhaps because Laura put herself in so many dangerous situations and I just wanted to smack her and say STOP doing that! Or perhaps it was for another reason.

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