Book Book Review: The Black Stallion Revolts by Walter Farley

After the Black attacks another horse, Alec realizes that the once-wild horse needs more space and freedom, so they head out west to a huge ranch. But a terrible accident separates the two, leaving Alec with amnesia and the Black alone to reclaim the wild life to which he was born. As the Black struggles to survive, and as Alec struggles to remember who he is and his connection to the magnificent stallion in the canyon, a gripping adventure story unfolds.

Another look and reminder as why why wild horses can sometimes never be fully tamed. Especially a wild and savage horse like the Black. The story that unfolds is a fantastic one with Alec making the right choice for his horse by moving him out to a large ranch where he has space. Sadly, the accident happens so we follow a split story line of survival both of them. Another wonderful book truly Walter Farley keeps it going fantastically.

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