Book Review: The Black Stallion’s Filly by Walter Farley

“She’ll never be a racehorse,” murmurs the crowd as Black Minx is led into the sales ring. But Alec Ramsay thinks differently and buys the Black’s first filly to train her for the Kentucky Derby. But Black Minx, like her sire, has a mind of her own. This fast-paced racing story follows a great horse’s journey through training and preliminary races to the opening gate at America’s most famous racetrack: Churchill Downs.

It is so hard to say more about Walter Farley’s books because I feel like I am always repeating myself but once again another amazing book by Walter Farley and he has continued the series of the Black Stallion without making you think the series is getting to long. Each book covers new issues and another horse is brought into the line, just like should be with Horse Breeding and Racing. Of course, Arabians have never been in some of the races he brings up but hey, THEY SHOULD BE.

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