Book Review: The Black Stallions Sulky Colt by Walter Farley

Bonfire, the Black Stallion’s colt who is a champion harness racer, is in training for the biggest race of his career: the Hambletonian. But a routine practice race turns disastrous in a collision of wood, metal, horses, and jockeys. Bonfire escapes unharmed, but is spooked and refuses to race. Alec Ramsey, the owner of the Black, witnesses the crash and is determined to see that Bonfire follow in the winning footsteps of his world-famous sire.

I loved Bonfire the first time that I saw him in the Blood bay colt and I loved that was visiting him again in this fantastic book. Once again, we delve into the world and psychology of horses. Bonfire is spooked and will no longer race after a horrible accident, something that can and does happen to horses. I worked with one myself that had been in a trailer accident and than refused to load into a trailer. Alec does what many of us horse people do when faced with this…tries to help and move the horse beyond his fear.

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