Anyone Like to Write?

Some Shameless Self Promotion.

Now recasting: The group is going through some growing pains having lost a few writers. But we are eager (at least this list mom is) continue. We are looking for quality writers. We have cannon’s open including, Edward, Jacob, Emmett and Rosalie. We do allow OC’s but right now you would be required to also take a Cannon before your OC would be approved. We are adult themed, and allow the content when properly marked. Come on over and join us.

Alternative creative version of the book. Bella has chosen her friendship and love of Jacob over that of Edward, changing one supernatural for another. And leaving Edward to nurse is own pain of what that choice means. But there is someone else out there, maybe if things can work in their own way. At the very least Forks, and everyone will know there is another pocket of Vegetarian Vampires, or at least one.

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