The Sunday Salon #5

The Sunday
So I am back to blogging. And I thought the Sunday Salon would be a good way to start off again making my weekly Meme’s especially since it’s also the first of the month. Nice and fresh and ready to go. I am happy to say I am back into the swing of reading again. I am going to finish up revelations later today which will be great. It’s a good book and I look forward to putting a review up.

Sadly though I won’t make my challenge goal of 125 books this year. I fell off the reading wagon for to long, being sick and all. But that’s okay I have accepted it. And have decided instead to finish as many as I can finish for my challenges. (Doing the best I can anyways) and leave it at that. After all there is a new year coming soon. And so shocking that it’s coming so fast too! And with a new year will come new challenges. And this year I am going to meet them dang it.

Although I think I will scale back my main goal slightly and go for 100 books in 2010 that will give me a little more breathing room on how many books I have to read each month. So that is that. The other big thing this week I did was work on one of my fears. My fear of needles. I managed to get a Tattoo. It’s one for me and means a lot. It’s simple, tasteful and well I am proud of myself for getting it. Really I am. The artist was great to work with. And I think it won’t be to long and I will be getting a second one. Just too even things out a little bit on the shoulder sense. Like Feng Shuei for the shoulders. It will also have meaning. The second tat I am thinking of would be an Ankh, the Egyptian symbol for Life and a good showing of one of my historical passions.

Honestly I really was surprised that it didn’t hurt too much. It was uncomfortable yes, but I had ramped up and expected it to really hurt like bone breaking bad. But it wasn’t bad at all. I did have to stop twice during the process because my body ramped my adrenaline up so much that my temperature went up and made me feel like vomiting. The artist was very nice stopped when I needed it asked if I was okay and in general was just a very nice guy. And me I was proud of myself for getting the ink and overcoming a fear. I was sure I was going to chicken out. And I almost did. But in the end I sucked it up. Yay me! I go to have it checked over and possibly touched up after the healing is done in 1 month. When I do that I may just bite the bullet so to speak and get my Ankh. I think I will do one in purple like my ribbon. You know so they match.

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