1776 – The Egg

Everyone who knows me, knows I am a history buff. That one of my favorite Era’s is The Rev War, and our blessed founding fathers. This, is one of the best musicals I can think of from a Theatre perspective, and of course my love of the era. And, to make it book like, well 1776 IS a book, lol.

Working Capital Company

So I thought I would offer a little linky link to anyone who has a business and needs some working capital, I know a lot of us book types are stay at home workers, or the like. So it never hurts to share a few little tricks of the trade right? This link here factoring invoices does a lot of services, that might help. The Invoice factoring is really cool, and a useful service. I suggested it to my dad for his cleaning company and he’s going to be looking into it. I also passed it off to another friend of mine who works for a bigger company, in today’s economy services like invoice factoring could be very useful.

Sensual Addiction..my perfume habit

So even if you’re an indoor bookie person like me, (sometimes I have to be because of the weather…) you want to smell good right? I mean we can’t walk around with smell de book smell, oh heaven if we could. So I will admit I have what one might call a sensual addiction. My favorite perfume has to be Armani Mania, Oh that’s heaven in a bottle. I do switch occasionally and have a large perfume collection, but Armani Mania perfume is on the top list all the time. It’s a heavier smell, has some vanilla and musk undertones, but oh it’s so nice. Come to think of it, the male version might be what Edward (yes the sparkly one); I may have to do some research on that tomorrow when I am out. So because I am talking a little bit about perfume today I thought I would show you the link here, perfume blog it’s a really cool perfume blog.

My goofy goal..

So my friend told me I should set a goal for myself, that seems so out there its not likely to happen. And than see if I can make it happen.

So I decided, to go with the Vampires..lol

And my Goofy Goal will be to try to get a small interview with Jackson Rathbone via email or phone… I am not lofty enough to presume face to face, HA HA.

Paid to Blog Pay Per Post

This is a fun program if you like to write, you can work on your writting chops, and get paid for it.

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