The Sunday Salon #7

The Sunday

Ah another Sunday another week of not having done much reading. I confess I was doing well there for a minute. But I can’t scold myself to much this week. It was a good reason really well I should say two good reasons that found me not reading much. Firstly in second life I was able to purchase a full SIM. You may not know what that is but trust me its major in second life. Perhaps akin to buying a large ranch or small island in real life. Ha ha. So I had to set up my house, as well as 4 other homes. My mall, my Maternity Center and several other bits and bobs. And I am not done yet the church and wedding area has to go up again too. I am tired just thinking about all the work it takes. But hey a second life business is a business and I am intent on making mine work.

The second reason is that I have taken up my love of photo shop and coding again. I am a self daughter coder, and self taught in photo shop as well. I don’t claim to be the best in the world but I feel I am a fair shot at it. My friend needed a blog design and she was originally going to get one from Sara at Subjective beauty (by far way more talented than me) that has done my blogs. But she ran into money trouble and wasn’t able to. So she said she would happily be my guinea pig. I took her info on what she wanted on her blog and set to work. I finished early yesterday morning Coming out of the Dark is my first full blog project. She decided she also wanted a button now, which I will make and hope she likes it as much as she likes her blog.

The club I work at in Second life also asked me to do their blog, I am not as far on that one but it is coming together nicely as well Sinful Nights and I also made a signature for my friend Sara’s Blog Tiny and Annoying so over all while I didn’t read much it was productive time this week and busy. And while I am trying to get my graphic brain to turn off and read I don’t know if I can. Ha. I am enjoying A Poisoned Season even though I only finished the first chapter oppsy. It’s not the books fault honest it’s a great book.

I have some articles to finish for Article Content and I am hoping to get those done tonight or early tomorrow yet. So my reading will sit on the shelf again. Bah humbug. But I am going to make an effort to at least read a chapter, than type an article than read a chapter again. I have made myself keep my graphics program CLOSED…… yeah we will see if that works.

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