Musing Monday #27

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about your bookshelf…

With the holiday season now upon us, have you left any hint – subtle or otherwise – for books family and friends might buy you for Christmas? Do you like to receive books, or do you prefer certificates so you can choose your own?

I love to get books if there are some that I know I want. Otherwise I am more than happy to get a gift certificate for my favorite book shop. Not everyone in my family is as supportive of my reading habit as others. But my Mom and Hubby know well enough that when in doubt get the book stuff. I haven’t dropped any hints this year unless you count emailing my Amazon wish list oh wait that might be a not so subtle hint. Ha ha.

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4 thoughts on “Musing Monday #27

  1. I think a personally selected book is a wonderful gift. As the receiver, it makes me feel like the person giving the gift really thought about me, and also if it's a book they really loved, it feels like they're sharing a part of themselves with me.

    Not that I'd ever *turn down* a gift card…

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