The Sunday Salon #3

The Sunday
So I feel like I have been a bad Sunday Salon writer. Because after joining the salon I haven’t really written much on Sunday, but it’s because I have been sick. And not only that but I am sick of being sick. Having Lymphoma has to be one of the hardest things there is. I don’t like to fuss or whine about it much. But lately it’s gotten harder. It has not only taken my ability to have a job outside the house, and now it’s been bothering my blogging, and my reading. I have fallen behind on my reading and I am not happy with it.

But I am slowly feeling a little better slowly feeling a bit more on track. I have written more reviews so far this month than I did last month. I had the books read, but hadn’t written the reviews yet. Yesterday I watched the movie The Weather Man, not a great one. This morning I am watching Profiler. And later today I am hoping to make some progress on my next book. Chosen by P.C and Kristin Cast, I am about 38 pages into it so far and it’s very good. So I am feeling a little better about that. And in 13 days the renaissance festival starts. That I am very much looking forward too. Sick or not I have to go. Sick or not I love the renaissance festival and it gives me the chance to enjoy it.

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One thought on “The Sunday Salon #3

  1. Glad you're feeling well enough to blog even if it's only occasionally. Making contact with people this way saved my sanity when I was too ill to see people. I hope you enjoy the festival.

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