The Sunday Salon – #2 A Bad Week..but hopeing for a Better Month

The Sunday
Today my Sunday is a little bit subdued I am very happy to be taking part in the Sunday saloon I really am. Last week I know my post was not very long, and I have no real idea how long this one will be either. But thank you all for having me.

So this week was a bad week for me in general. In the span of about 3 days I lost a 6 week old kitten, three newborns and my precious boy Caesar. He was a champion show cat, and my stud. He was young and healthy and seemed to have no issues at all. When we found him he appeared to just be sleeping. It was heart breaking. Since he left me on the 28th I have been lighting a candle everyday for as long as I am awake. Just for him. I miss my baby boy. He used to sit at the end of the bed while I read. Or he would be in the window. He was my Air whore. When I turned on the Ac in the summer he always had to be in front of it. I am very happy that we had two very hot days here this year, I turned on the AC for those days and he true to his nature sat in front of the air.

The only kid thing that managed to happen this week was that I did get caught up on my reading. May was a bad month for my health wise and I ended up falling behind on things. But I finished the last book on my list early this morning. So I am all set for June. I can’t help but laugh a bit as poor Harry Potter still hasn’t gotten read. But it will be on the July list for sure. It was knocked out this month by two blog tour books. Oppsy.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, and I hope that this coming week is going to be a better one for me.

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