The Sunday Salon #18

The Sunday

It is the last day of January; wow that month seemed to go by a little bit slow. To me anyways, the beginning of the month was fast and than it slowed down at the end. Maybe that is because the last few weeks I have been pretty sick and things always seem to go slower when I do not feel well.

I am still distressed about the situation at my favorite swap site, I have not heard back from the owners, my account is still frozen, and it has been a week. I sent a polite e-mail asking about the situation. I had forgotten about it for a little bit when I had a hospital visit (boo) but now I am back to worrying about it. I hope it will be resolved in a good way.

I stayed on top of my books for the most part this month, which is a good thing. I need to go through and update all of my challenges later today and I am going to make that one of my projects. I have been writing a lot more than reading a lot but that is because I have renewed my love of letter writing, and found a love of fountain pens. I do not own any “nice” ones but the cheapies work great and better than a Bic or Papermate anyways.

I got the taxes filed safe and sound for this year. We are supposed to get a refund but I never count on it until it is in my account. We shall see. If we get what we are supposed to, I can be caught up on some of the medical bills. Not fully but certainly more comfortable which will be very nice and perhaps I can treat myself to a nice fountain pen, not a Mont Blanc by any means but maybe a middle of the road Lamy, or Waterman.

My Marked Ambrosia blog has been going okay, but a little bit rough because of when I was not feeling well. I fell behind on the stories. I got one posted and another is written and mostly posted but I have to finish typing that up. That will be another goal for today.

Have a happy Sunday.

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