The Sunday Salon #13

The Sunday

So I missed the actual Sunday Salon. I also missed my Saturday Sanctuary which I will post soon but I will start with Sunday Salon, as it is the last one of the year. Wow 2009 is almost over I can hardly believe it. This year has been a hard one in life, but sometimes that is just what you have to deal with. Life is not always easy. We simply carry on and move through the tough times. I plan to do so.

Now on the reading front however this year has been a fairly good one. I have accomplished most of my reading goals and my brain is a happy camper for all my reading again. Even my husband is happy because I am getting some of my TBR pile out, and for the most part I have not added a whole lot to it. So he is happy for that. I do have several books that have been read and are just sitting around that have not been requested yet from my PBS shelf so I think what I am going to do is after the new year is donate them. And than I will restart my list and post as I read. Good theory I think.

Have a Fantastic Week everyone!

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