Book Review: Lady be Bad by Candice Hern

Third book in the Merry Widows Series.

Meet the Merry Widows–respectable ladies with a secret pact to pursue pleasure and to share the delicious details with one another…

The widow of a famous bishop, Grace Marlowe is both shocked and intrigued by the amorous adventures of her fellow Merry Widows. Though she agreed to their pact, she can’t imagine giving herself over to passion–until the most notorious libertine in London sets his sights on her.

The third and final full length novel in The Merry Widows series Lady be Bad spins a fantastic story. The other books have been engaging and exciting, but Lady be Bad throws together two people who you would never expect to see together. Grace Marlowe the respectable Bishops widow and the most notorious rake in all of London Lord Rochdale.

Lord Rochdale had never given Grace Marlowe much thought, she was not the type of woman he usually looks at. But thanks to a little bet with the gambler Lord Sheane he has set his eyes on the uptight widow. Or is she uptight at all? Once he sees her he sees just how beautiful Grace Marlowe truly is, with locks of blonde hair that fall like a golden waterfall, and figures that are classically perfect.

Follow this story as it takes us through the ups and downs, the worries and the possibilities. Hern has wrapped this one up in a nice little package and it is the perfect way to end the series on a high note. If I had to pick a favorite of the books I would pick this one. I am almost sad to see the series end but if it had to this was the perfect way.

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