The Sunday Salon 12/30/12

It has been a long time since I have done a Sunday Salon but I am going to try to do it again today and see where it takes us. The New Year is upon us and I hope that all of my readers have a Happy one. We will not be doing much in this neck of the woods for the holiday but staying at home and enjoying watching the Ball drop on TV.

This week has been a fairly slow one for me but I don’t mind that. I need a little bit of rest and relaxation time. The hardest part of the week for me has been when I finished reading Love’s Portrait I had declared I would not start another book until New Years. Of course since I have finished the book all I want to do is start a new one. It has been for me a herculean task not to start one. So you ask what have I done?

Well I made sure my Birth of a Notion blog was doing good and got all the widgets and such transferred over.I have to say that I think it looks very good and all ready for 2013. I replied to all of the letters I had and have been left going “soo is it time yet?”. Well did you know that at 4am Central time in Samoa it will be Midnight? Oh yeah I went and googled it. I think it is safe to say that it counts as New Years since I did not state a time or timezone don’t you think?

As suspected I have already changed my mind on what to read come the start of the New Year from my Blog hop post but I don’t think of it as a bad thing as I can read my other choices in due time. I mean they are books it is not like they are going to run away right? So what will I be cracking into as soon as one place in the world has celebrated New Years?

I have two selections one is for a coming blog tour and will fit in nicely with my animal challenge of the year. It is called Noor about a Champion race horse. Ambrosia Horses oh yeah some of you are saying THAT MAKES SENSE!

Second is one I got from Net Gallery that does not come out till more to the end of Jan it is The Forgotten Queen..oh yeah a Historical about a Tudor but not any of the usual.

So Happy Sunday everyone and Happy New Years.

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