Ambrosia’s Best of 2012

So here we are on the cusp of another New Year and I am feeling reflective. Looking at others who have posted there Best of posts and decided well I want to do that too. So looking back over 2012 here are a few of my favorites.

Life of Pi

I admit I only decided to read this book after seeing the commercials for the movie. However I still have not seen the movie and I really LOVED the book. I have never been so thankful to a commercial.

The Russian Concubine

I got this one on a whim when I saw it posted on Paperback Swap. What a fantastic choice that turned out to be. I loved it.

Jack & Rochelle

A touching real life story that still haunts me..

A Countess Below the Stairs

I do not remember why I got this one but I know I got it on PBS and I am very happy I did. It was such a great read and I loved how it took us on one woman’s journey from upper class to lower and back again.

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