The Sunday Salon #11

The Sunday

Is it really Sunday again already? Seems so, another day of the hubby watching football. Thank goodness I am pretty deeply into the book I am reading so I can tune out the talking to the TV and the game. Sorry I am just not a football girl.

This week has been a pretty good one on the reading front, I finished my last two challenges that I needed to get done. And now I am reading a book or two if I make it before Jan that are just for a little bit of fun. Not that I don’t enjoy reading my challenge books too, I do. But these are some non structured reading just cause books.

I plan on watching the movie My Sisters Keeper soon, it’s been on my want to see list for a while, but I hadn’t read the book yet. I am just under ½ through the book and let me tell you its breaking my heart. I feel so bad for Kate being sick, and yet I can totally understand where Anna is coming from. How would you feel if you knew you had been made for spare parts? That is truly taking the whole “Heir and a Spare” thing the English used to say to a new level. It is a good book, but it is honestly heart breaking. I better prepare the tissues and chocolate when I watch the movie.

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