The Gift of Time

Watches are a great gift for just about any time, and for anyone I think the best time for me to give one to someone I loved though would be an anniversary. I think a good watch is a fantastic gift for any occasion but really for an anniversary, maybe just so they can watch the time pass as they spend time with you and in love. Just kidding of course. So head over and check out Citizen Eco Drive for watches.

My grandfather once told me that a watch was a very good gift to give. That it meant something. And when you gave a gift that meant something you should make it serious, and put thought into it. He said don’t just get any watch. Get a good quality watch that will last. His idea was that it should also be something that could be passed down in the generations. Something that a son could give a father, and than the father could pass it back o to the son. And see it go down through the years. I personally liked that advice and I think while the time has passed since his day the words are sage and still stand. So take a look around, find a watch you like and find a watch that would be good for someone special in your life. And pass on the gift of time.

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