Alas poor Kindle…

So in November I decided to treat myself to a newer Kindle. I had not upgraded for a while and thought it would be a nice treat. There was nothing wrong with my current kindle, it is just a bit older and if I am honest, I wanted to be able to pick a different voice for when I use the text to speech as I crochet. I know a little bit shallow, but hey, we all have our moments right?

Alas through a no fault of my own accident the screen has a nice long crack in it. Upsetting as that is I figured there wouldn’t be to much of a problem sorting it out seeing as I put the kindle away safely when I was done with it and it is a just a hair over 2 months old. It should be covered under warranty, right?


I won’t have a huge fit about it, I am sure that is now probably industry standard for all touch devices. Which I always think is a bit of bunk. Of course the screen is the most expensive part of the device if I recall correctly and lets face it some of them are made cheaply.

This post comes along because while they did finally decide to agree to replace my new kindle as a “one time just for you thoughtful thing to do.” I couldn’t help but just want to sigh a bit. I was made very much to feel as if I should be kissing a ring or something because they were willing to do this. I do appreciate that they did offer and I should have verified the darn warranty before hand so my fault there but can’t help the pet peeve. Don’t make the customer feel like they should be worshiping the ground you walk on because you are going to replace the device (I suspect I am going to get a refurb for my less than 3 month old Kindle but I could be wrong).

Of course, this whole post is being made because I am grumpy about having to wait for the workable one to show up after I send back the old one. So feel free to dismiss this post while I mourn my having to wait on the kindle.

Changes are coming in 2017

Sometimes you have to shake things up. I have been thinking about shaking the book blog up for the last year or so, I never took the plunge last year, but 2017 is going to be the year for change. It is hard to think that I have run this blog since the end of 2008. I started out over at blogspot with a free blog and was happy with it. Over the years, however, I have changed to my own domain and different theme’s and of course migrated to WordPress. The one thing that has always nagged at me since I got my domain name is that I was never able to get the exact name of the blog. has always been a play on the actual title of the blog, Fire & Ice. I thought if I waited long enough I would eventually get something close, alas, that just never seems to have materialized.

Now, as I sit here looking back over the year I think about all the things that have happened in 2016. All the changes that have happened in the world and in my life. The conclusion? It is time for a change up in the blog line up. The content itself will remain the same and I may be taking on the job of hosting some meme’s that I have been posting on this blog almost since the beginning, the current host is making changes in her blog life too. However, the domain name, the blog name and the theme will be changed. I will still keep for the next year and just have it redirect so everyone can get used to the change, but the change is coming. The new book blog will be called….

The Purple Booker

A little silly, I know, but it suits me as many who know me will know. A fun play on Hooker yes (because I crochet, what were you thinking?) and a little play with one of my favorite book series by Lauren Willig. I am nervous and excited at the same time about the change. I hope that my lovely readers will be happy with the changes when they happen as well. I still have a lot of things to get in order before the change, but just couldn’t wait to make the announcement.

The random thoughts of a Sunday…

Bear with me a moment, dear readers, as we take a small break from the books to talk about one of the many tools used to write them. Pens. If you know me (and most of you do) you know that I love Pens of all kinds and often write things long hand you also know that I have a small Etsy shop for handmade goods and I have been looking for some affordable ways of promotion for the shop. It occurred to me that promotional twist pens might be a great way to go about advertising the shop. It would allow me to combine my love of pens (really you should see me when school supplies are out!) with the need for some affordable and solid promotion. After looking around a little bit on the web I found that there are some cheap pens at that I think will work out very nicely. Not only are they affordable but I really do like the look of their twist promotional pens and they come in such a fun variety of colors. You know I am going to get purple for Creations of Bastet how could I not?

Thank you for tuning into my muse and back to your regularly scheduled book reviews.

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