New Year new challenges

I admit the end of the year got very busy for me. So I did not even go through and tally how I did on my challenges for last year. Bottom line is I know I did not complete some but when prepping for my 2016 I saw I did complete more then I first thought. I am okay with that. I still read quite a bit and I had other things that I got done. I did not get many reviews written though so THAT is something that I wish to be better at. So that will be my biggest goal for 2016 to make sure my reviews for the books I have read are written. I also plan on back tracking for the 2015 books that need to be reviewed.

Without further waiting however, here are my challenges for 2016 hopefully I do better on them this year.

**The website for this one has not updated yet I hope it will soon or I may cut it and add to my other Historical challenge*

As always you can see my Book Challenges on the Page for the . Happy 2016 everyone!

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