Sunday Salon 7/6/14

Have you ever had one of those Sundays where you know you have stuff to do and say bsay, but head just ends up getting dreamy and thinking of othert things that is my Sunday so far I know it is only a little ways into it but hey come on I usually have my posts ready to go by Midnight or shortly after.

In reading hoeever I finished another Dresden book this week. I am totally in love with Harry Dresden his books make me laugh, smile even cry sometimes. Overall however they are just an adventure. I love an adult Wizard! The stories are great and yes. Yes I love the dog Mouse. OH i love that dog.

I am 4 books ahead of schedule which is a big change from being 3-4 behind like I was for about two months there. Yes I have been having a real go at reading I have! Even thought about joining a read a thon next month but we will see how work is before I do that. I can see it now, “No Sir I can’t currently do what you want me to for work I am doing a read a thon” yeah that will fly over.

Happy Sunday everyone I hope you have a thought that has managed to stick better then mine.

Okay I take that back. I have had a thought stick..but it isn’t book wise.


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