Book Review: Vampire Shadow (Night Angels #8) by Storm Savage

Zoe is unaware that her shadow became a separate entity during her bout of amnesia. Through a spiritual revelation with the ghost of her mates, the phenomenon behind her fire is unveiled to her. She is awestruck by the nature of her gift.

While Booker is away on business, she and Rider bond on an intense level and exchange extremely intimate bites. When Rider travels south to help his twin open the new club, Zoe is left alone overnight. She ventures into the darkness and begins utilizing her fire to avenge the death of lost souls.

Zoe doesn’t like how she feels when her shadow runs amok and pleasures her mates. Even worse, she must find her alter ego before Shadow drains her soul.

Even though the 7th book left me a little bit Meh I decided to give book 8 a try when I got the chance to read it. Sadly for me I still feel a bit meh about it. There are some very hot scenes in it so there is that the rest is just a little bit flat for me. Maybe it is because I did not start with the rest I just I don’t know this one did not click very well for me. Maybe it is because it was only about 82 pages long so short you can’t feel like your digging in. That said it is not a terrible book and there is a lot of heat.

My Gemstone Rating:


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