Saturday Sanctuary #6

The Saturday Sanctuary will be a Weekly Writing Post. I will ask something or give a topic. Sometimes it will be short, sometimes it might be longer. The idea is just to write! So others can read. I thought it would be a great idea for a Book Blog to do something about writing. We are bloggers after all so we must have some enjoyment of writing too! So hop on in and Join the Saturday Sanctuary, grab our link and our picture and post your replies here. Make sure you visit others blogs out there and leave comments. Mostly have fun.

Sorry on the early post I was in the tub when the schedule time hit Oppsy! So it is Saturday again and time for my Saturday Sanctuary, today I am going to ask what do you like to do when you’re not reading.

For me I like to do a lot of things. Of course some of my like has changed with what I can do. I like to be outside, I love to horse back ride and used to all the time with my horses. But since being diagnosed with lymphoma I have had to change that some because I can’t be outside as much.

So now when I am not reading often I am writing. Weather it be working on a fan fic, or something else, something simple like a letter. I also enjoy watching some of my favorite programs on TV. I know it sounds horrible being a TV person but a lot of what I enjoy watching is on the History channel or discovery channel. A few of my weak points however are shows like TLC’s say yes to the dress which is on right now. So what do you do when not reading?

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