Saturday Sanctuary #4

The Saturday Sanctuary will be a Weekly Writing Post. I will ask something or give a topic. Sometimes it will be short, sometimes it might be longer. The idea is just to write! So others can read. I thought it would be a great idea for a Book Blog to do something about writing. We are bloggers after all so we must have some enjoyment of writing too! So hop on in and Join the Saturday Sanctuary, grab our link and our picture and post your replies here. Make sure you visit others blogs out there and leave comments. Mostly have fun.

What season inspires you?

I have to say I am inspired most by spring. It is a time when your coming out of the cold winter (very cold winter here) and everything is new. When in the fall the 40’s is a low temperature in the spring its warm! In the spring you feel refreshed and invigorated to feel the cool breezes against your cheeks.

I always feel something stir inside when I hear the birds outside the window in the spring. When the first rainstorms come and wash away the grit and dirt of the winter seasons and leave everything smelling sweet and fresh.

If I were the kind giving to fits of running around the yard singing, (okay sometimes I do) I would run around singing the hills are alive with the sound of music in the spring. But more often than not what I end up doing is putting on something snuggly taking up a book and going outside and enjoying the promise of another good season.

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