Radio Disney Presents..

I used to listen to radio Disney, I don’t anymore but I know a lot of you out there who read my blog have kids and so you probably listen to radio Disney, or they do. Anyways they are doing some concerts this summer End of June though end of August and they are FREE. That’s such a nice word isn’t it? FREE. It’s a concert series and will be in Wildwood, New Jersey at Morey’s Piers. Pretty Fantastic right?

New Jersey is a great place for a fun family vacation they have a lot of things to offer, Amusement Parks, and Water parks and all sorts of things that will attract a family that is looking to have some fun. If I was going on vacation this summer I would head on out here. And maybe I would only take half as many books as I usually take on vacation. Check it out for some family fun.

New Jersey water parks
Jersey Shore beach Vacation

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